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Nutrisanté Lecitone Genius 45 Capsules

Nutrisanté Lecitone Genius 45 Capsules
Helps memory and concentration during revision and exam periods.
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Nutrisanté Lecitone Genius 45 Capsules

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During revision and exam periods, the body is really put to the test.
The brain is involved in regulating all our vital functions. It plays an important role in cognitive functioning, particularly memory. During revision and exam periods, memory is particularly important and helps us perform well intellectually.
Two different types of memory are used during the learning process: short-term and long-term.
Both involve our neural pathways, particularly the transmission of signals between the neuronal membranes, which is where information is passed from one neuron to another.
Phospholipids are essential components of the neuronal membrane, facilitating information transfer between the neurons.
Omega-3s (EPA and DHA) are lipids found in membrane phospholipids. The higher the omega-3 content in the neuronal membrane, the better the information transfer.
Lecitone Genius is made from natural active ingredients. Drawing on scientific research into long-chain phospholipids, it contains an omega 3-rich phospholipid combination: Phospho Cognitive Technology. The phospholipids contained in the formula have been selected for their omega-3 composition. This format protects the omega-3s (DHA, EPA) more effectively and makes it easier for the body to absorb them. DHA helps the brain function correctly. Its beneficial effects can be felt with a daily intake of 250 mg.
Lecitone Genius provides 360 mg of DHA per day.
The formula is completed by vitamin E, which protects fatty acids and cells from oxidative stress.

- For memory and concentration during revision and exam periods
- Suitable for ages 15 years and over

Directions for use:
3 capsules daily with your main meal for at least 2 weeks
Repeat the course as required.

Tips and advice:
Make sure you have a varied, balanced diet, with plenty of vitamins and fish rich in omega-3 (oily fish).
Study in tune with your body's natural daily rhythms: the morning is the best time for learning, you will be less attentive after meals, so it is best not to start revising again until 3 pm. Evenings are a time for learning and memorising.
Make sure you get at least 8 hours' sleep every night. Playing sport stimulates the brain and combats stress.
Make sure you organise your work well: make note cards to improve your visual memory.
Manage stress by setting revision targets.
Moderate your intake of high-caffeine products, particularly in the evening.

45 capsules
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